Social Squash Doubles

  • Rules:
    1. It is meant to be fun so let’s enjoy it.
    2. Best out of three to 15, if you win in two you are done. (Win by 1)
    3. Handicap rule: Each team have been awarded a handicap based on their joint rankings
    a. If you have a positive handicap you will start on that number E.g. If you have a 5 handicap you’ll start on 5 if your opponents have a handicap of -25 they will start on -25 and will need to score 40 points to win. In the event where both have a minus handicap subtract the small handicap from the big one. E.g. Tinus & Henco (-10) vs Amy & Kelvin (-25), Tinus & Henco will start on 0 and Amy & Kelvin on -15. If you have trouble, please WhatsApp me.
    b. You are allowed to swap partners and play other non-scheduled matches, please send me those scores as well, but play all scheduled matches, please.
    Please wear glasses at all times! If you don’t have glasses message me.
Doubles Round 1
Doubles tournament