Mielieland 2019: Building lifelong friendship through squash

Mielieland 2019 The Mielieland Squash tour is a highlight on the CBC Old Boys Calendar. It always lives up to its reputation and ensure everybody goes home dead tired and entertained. This year was no exception, we took two teams to Mielieland playing in an extremely tough A-Section. We had some well skilled imports from […]

CBCTUT Invites some of the top players to represent North Gauteng Central District at Mielieland

North West Squash invites teams to represent their club, province or district each year. The tournament has grown to 40 teams from around South Africa, including a handful of international PSA Players. CBC Old Boys & TUT Squash invites players from the central district of Northern Gauteng to represent the district at the top level. […]